Méthodes formelles pour l'intelligence artificielle


Permanent members:

  • Dietmar Berwanger
  • Benedikt Bollig
  • Patricia Bouyer
  • Stéphane Demri
  • Alain Finkel
  • Matthias Függer
  • Paul Gastin
  • Stefan Haar
  • Serge Haddad
  • Mihaela Sighireanu
  • Lina Ye

PhD students:

  • Ashwin Bhaskar (DigiCosme grant, starting in March 2021)
  • Igor Khmelnitsky

Associated member:

  • Philippe Dague (Emeritus Professor)


  • Verification of machine learning and artificial intelligence
    • safety and robustness of deep neural networks
    • explainable artificial intelligence
    • scalability of formal verification in machine learning
  • Synthesis and control
    • policy learning in games and probabilistic models
    • reinforcement learning
    • control of cyber-physical systems using deep learning
  • Model learning
    • learning extended automata (weighted, data, transducers, ...)
    • learning network models
    • black-box verification
    • model-based testing
  • Reasoning about knowledge
    • logic (description logic, multi-agent logic, epistemic logic, strategy logic, ...)
    • learning logical concepts
    • probabilistic reasoning (Bayesian networks, hidden Markov models, ...)
    • causality


  • STIC AmSud – DyLo-MPC: Dynamic Logics: Model Theory, Proof Theory and Computational Complexity
  • IRP – SINFIN: Méthodes formelles pour la modélisation, la spécification, la vérification et le développement de logiciels
  • Égide/Procope – LeaRNNify: New Challenges for Recurrent Neural Networks and Grammatical Inference


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